About us

FiNEXPERT offers a comprehensive range of financial services including accounting, payroll, audit and advisory, tax.

Numbers are our language!

We are financial and accounting consultants and figures are more than mere work tools for us. Our customers will benefit from our efficient financial management with a combination international know-how, local flexibility and savoir-faire. As the first Romanian, financial and fiscal consultancy company to have exceeded a significant turnover threshold, we take pride in our efforts and performance over the past years which have placed us at the top of Romanian companies in the industry.

FiNEXPERT currently offers a comprehensive range of services to more than 500 customers who benefit from our efficient financial management with a combination of international know-how with local flexibility and savoir-faire. 

As of the company incorporation back in 2003, our vision has been to become the largest Romanian accounting, audit and tax company. The success factors we have focused on ever since have been: attracting and retaining the best people, international quality standards, maintaining competitive prices and providing a wide range of services. Nowadays, upon more than 15 years, these values continue to be the key factors to our success.

Our team of over 120 consultants is at the heart of our steady and significant yearly increase in turnover and our top level position in the industry. These consultants who are fluent in RAS, IFRS, IAS and U.S. GAAP develop lasting and stable business relationships with our customers and partners, gaining an in-depth knowledge of the needs and specificities of their business, as well as of the industry, the business and tax environment in which the customer companies operate. In short, FiNEXPERT speaks the customer’s language! This understanding, along with our ongoing professional development and proactive attitude focused on concrete solutions are the foundation of FiNEXPERT.

If you are a company searching for the best Romanian team to work with and to help you reach your financial goals, FiNEXPERT is the right solution!


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