Learn more about our company history, but also about the unique approach that attracted and gained the trust of more than 500 customers.

FiNEXPERT started with an idea, a little courage, and a lot of dedication and passion.

Over 15 years of outstanding financial performance for our customers!

A company is born. Manuela Furdui decided to start her own business laying the foundation of FiNEXPERT.
More than a business partnership, a team. FiNEXPERT begins a partnership with Fincont, using their synergies to develop their services portfolio.
Fast growth. The Group exceeded the € 1.0 M turnover and had 55 employees.
A new beginning. FiNEXPERT and Fincont merged.
A new brand identity. Two new business directions: Tax and Business Consulting. ISO 9001 certification.
Our team grows. 100 consultants.
15 years of activity, 15 years of great results
The success story continues. A portfolio of over 500 clients and over 120 consultants.

The FiNEXPERT mission began in 2003 thanks to an entrepreneurial initiative. With passion, experience and a motivated team on board, dreams started growing faster than expected.

Today, more than 15 years after Manuela Furdui started building her company, FiNEXPERT stands for many interesting projects, a team of more than 120 consultants, as well as a portfolio with more than 500 local and international clients. Throughout this period, we have managed to turn numbers into knowledge and challenges into success.

The more, the merrier

In 2005, FiNEXPERT and Fincont started a partnership and began sharing resources and ideas. This decision was beneficial for both companies and was followed by a period of rapid growth and success. In 2008, in the midst of a financial crisis, FiNEXPERT managed to exceed one million euros in turnover and had more than 50 employees. A year later, in 2009, the two companies joined the group under the name of FiNEXPERT, becoming the largest accounting firm in Romania, with a turnover of 1.5 million euros.

Expansion and rebranding

FiNEXPERT maintains its top position within the Romanian accounting companies for years to come. In 2008, once the State Aid services are set up and our clients start receiving consultancy services in order to obtain state aid, our portfolio grew exponentially. In 2011 the company started a rebranding process in order to increase visibility on the market. Also in 2011, a new business line, Taxes & Corporate, was set up. The next few years were all about the expansion of the team and client portfolio. In 2016 the FiNEXPERT team reaches 100 consultants and has an active and constant presence on the market, participating in numerous events in the industry and sharing its experience and ideas. In 2018, 15 years of activity and 15 years of good results were celebrated. .

What follows

FiNEXPERT aims to continue to provide high quality services, professionalism and solutions that quickly adapt to the dynamic business environment. FiNEXPERT strives for continuous growth for its employees, both on a professional and personal level.

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