FINEXPERT sustain Practical Accounting Days

Fin Expert participates at the 9th edition of Practical Accounting Days (PAD). This event, organized every year by ASCIG, aims to create a link between the University and the Business Environment. And because all successful careers are done progressively, during University years, one needs a starting point. No matter whether students are interested in accountancy, or in audit or taxes, they need a background to experiment and to get answers at their questions about their domain and about what great companies expect from them. And PAD aims to offer this background.

The 9th edition of PAD brings together students and companies at the conference organized in Aula Magna at the Academy of Economic Studies on March 4, 2014 and at the workshops organized at the companies’ headquarters.


  • Conference: March 4, 2014, in Aula Magna
  • Workshops: 10 March - 11 April, at the companies headquarte

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